Dogster Griffen Moves to the Bridge

Thanks to Karen, Roxie's furmom, for barking in the sad news that a Dogster is being missed by his family. My deepest sympathies to Griffen's...


Thanks to Karen, Roxie’s furmom, for barking in the sad news that a Dogster is being missed by his family. My deepest sympathies to Griffen’s family.

Karen wrote:
Hi Joy,
You may have already received a notice on this but GRIFFEN our old pal whom was loved by many passed to the Bridge yesterday. There are two strolls going on for him right now. ” Smile at the Bridge Griffen” and ” In honor of Griffen“.

Here is Griffen’s mom’s Tail of Devotion for Griffen.

Dear Griffy,

I knew that I didn’t have to write this down for you to know. It was instantaneous, that bond between us. I still remember seeing you at the adotion fair and watching you walk up to your friends, greet them and ask for a treat. I called your name (you didn’t answer.. I learned later that you were actually deaf) and knelt down in front of you. You put your paws on my legs and give me the silliest grin ever. I knew right there and then you were it, you and I were meant to be.

I thought you were the cutest thing and didn’t even realize you didn’t have any teeth! That never did stop your appetite – always acting like I never fed you to get whatever you could out of people. 🙂 I brought you home that day and you knew that I was your new home. It didn’t matter where we went, you just needed to be near me. Even when you were grumpy, it was never at me. I know loss and you knew that I needed someone to fill up that part of my soul. I had lost my grandfather, my mother and my grandmother in less than a year. Three years after that I found you. It didn’t matter to me that you were 11, toothless, and deaf, you were the best dog ever. You never whined, barked, or complained (even when I stuffed you in a sweater). You were always smiling and with that little tongue sticking out to the left, you walked into people’s hearts without them even realizing it.

You were there the day I got the call that my best friend had been shot and killed and you curled up in my lap and sat there for hours until the numbness went away. You helped make losing her a little easier than it would have been alone. I thought we would have years and years left to spend together, but you sure did your work fast. Your wonderful personality had people all over the world campaigning for you in a contest, you’ve made loads of friends who are mourning your loss on dogster, and you made friends and family and even strangers fall in love with you in an instant. You were definitely happy-go-lucky.

I remember the first day you came home, I sat down with you and told you I would give you the best life I could and do everything I could to make you happy. I’m sure you were. You had comfy beds to sleep in (mine included), food to eat at all hours of the day, treats to snack on, and love, lots and lots of love.

In the end words will never be enough to describe how devoted I am to you or my love for you or even your love and bond with me. It’s just enough to know how it feels and I hope you’re happy at the bridge now, pain-free, full of teeth and hearing with no arthritis.. just know that I love you and will see you someday and we’ll walk across that bridge together.

All my love,

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