Dogster Dutchess’ Furmom Thanks Dogsters for Their Gift and Love After Dutchess Move to Rainbow Bridge

I've been writing this blog for over a year now and Dogsters' greatness of heart still continues to amaze me. Dutchess left unexpectedly and tragically...


I’ve been writing this blog for over a year now and Dogsters’ greatness of heart still continues to amaze me. Dutchess left unexpectedly and tragically for the Rainbow Bridge a little while ago. She was young and vibrant. Her death was a shock to her family and friends.

So what did the wonderful Dogsters do to remember Dutchess? Well, let’s Dutchess‘ furmom tell the tale:

Tammy Lin wrote:
Joy, would you please post this for the Dogster Family, in Memory of my Dutchess. I know not everyone reads the forums. I wish to send my love and sincere thanks to those who just made my day!
This is from Tammy, the human mommy to these rug rats of mine and those beautiful angels in heaven.

I was working on my new group, “Pirates Cove” when there was a “beep beep” outside. It was the fed ex man with a large brown package for me. I signed for it, then off he went.

I brought it in the house, let the pups out, then proceeded to open the package, that was very nicely secured!

Out comes this big book type binder, tied with ribbon of sorts, with an envelope seperate, also. I untie the string, then open the book. It’s a scrap book, of which I’ve never seen. It’s beautiful. So I start at page one…and find pages and pages of beautiful poetry, photos, momentos, decorations of satin, ribbons, flowers; you name it, its in there…from many, many fellow Dogster Families! So I’m reading, and the tears start to fall! And so, here I am, still crying…and I can’t begin to tell you just how overwhelmed with love I feel! So many cards and letters have come to me, since Dutchess passed away.

I’ve not had the money, nor much time to respond in kind, but you must know that each is saved in a special place…with my love and sincere appreciation.

This scrap book is the most beautiful, loving, thoughful gift I have ever received in my life! No lie! I’ve had many gifts in my time, but none as thoughful and sincere, as this beautiful scrapbook! How can I ever thank you each of you? Know in my heart, through these tears, that I hug each of you! Words will never express what lies in these pages, will be cherished for the rest of my days on earth.

God Bless You! Thank you for caring enough to send sunshine into my days! For each time that I miss my girl, I will have your words, your pages full of love, to see me through.

((((((((((HUGS))))))))))) to you all!

Tammy Lin

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