Dogster Cheyenne Missing in Tukwila, Washington! Help Get Her Home!

If you live in or around Tukwila, Washington you could be the person who reunites Dogster Cheyenne with her loving and greatly distressed fur family!...



If you live in or around Tukwila, Washington you could be the person who reunites Dogster Cheyenne with her loving and greatly distressed fur family!

Cheyenne has been missing for about two months. As soon as I found out I wanted to share her picture and this info with you so we can all be looking for her. Please pass this information on to as many groups as possible. It sounds like she may have been picked up by a well meaning person trying to help out a lost dog.

Here’s the story from her Dogster page:

CHEYENNE IS MISSING _ PLEASE READ! SINCE APRIL 7th 2007. $1000 REWARD FOR INFORMATION LEADING TO HER RETURN. Cheyenne has always been shy and submissive – hence the name Cheyenne – we call her Shy-Shy or Shy-Girl. – However once she gets to know you she is all love and so sweet and such a love.

She was 3rd of the 3 dogs we (my husband and I ) have had for the last 1o years. We have just recently lost our 10yr old Rotti “Duke” to cancer – and about a week and a half later we took Cheyenne and Star – (Star is our 5 yr old female Rotti/Border Collie mix) to the groomers Love & Care Pet Salon- on Saturday April 7th in Tukwila, Wa. 98168 We got a call a couple hours later telling us COME QUICK – your dog just jumped out the window and we can’t catch her!…..WHAT! OMG! We drove up there as fast as we could and looked and drove and walked and called frantically until dark. We have been searching everyday and night since.

She is still Missing. – we are completely devestated by all of this – and Star too – is so sad lately – losing both her best friends in 1 week! Cheyenne is like her pup. She has mothered her since we first brought her home. I have been searching everyday in every way possible since then – i barely sleep – and the last 7 weeks have been pretty much a blur – making 1000’s of posters and posting them up – driving 1000’s + of miles checking every local shelter and neighborhood. Handing out flyers and going door to door. Even hired a search and rescue dog to try and track her – but he didnt get there until 2 days later – managed to track her scent to a wooded area owned by the port of seattle – we have been searching this area for aweek with no luck.

We want our baby back! If theres anything anyone can do or suggest to help – please let us know – this is my first time at dogster – i am glad i found it – i have been posting this lost ad and her picture anywhere i can – and emailing to everyone.

She is 2 yrs old – and her mother was a golden retreiver and they told me the father was a shepherd chow mix. She is golden tan with a lighter chest and belly with black and grey muzzle and eyebrows – she is somewhat skittish around people she doesnt know and unfamiliar things. She can be very playful and excited – loves to go for walks and drives in the car and playing fetch in the yard but she is shy and easily spooked by things – our cats tease her and like to chase her – she runs from them too, or she rolls over on her back playing the submissive role again – we MISS HER SO MUCH! and are so worried.

UPDATE: Cheyenne is still missing as of May 26th – according to all the sightings and work with search and rescue scent tracking dogs she was tracked headed towards home and almost made it – the sightings have stopped coming in in the last 2 weeks – we believe she made it to the White Center area – where she was either taken in by someone or picked up by someone – they may not know she is missing yet – we have been searching for our girl since the day she went missing everyday in everyway imaginable posting 1000’s of posters and flyers, hired scent tracking dogs 3 times now – tons of classifieds – still searching all the shelters and rescue – PLEASE HELP US BRING HER HOME! We are offering a $1000 REWARD for her safe return .

If you live in the Puget Sound area – especially in the White Center, Burien, West Seattle, or anywhere in Western Washington – PLEASE HELP BY CROSSPOSTING THIS ANYWHERE – you think may help. THANK YOU – Call Chantelle at ***** 206-851-5294 *******

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