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The world’s leading voice for pets presents a revolutionary online publication dedicated to pet rocks and the people who love them.


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Irvine, Calif. (April 1, 2015) -– In a surprise announcement, and have declared they will soon launch The groundbreaking website will be dedicated to the care and comfort of the often overlooked pet rock and pet rock parents.

To explain the decision, Keith Bowers, senior editor at Rockster, addresses the subject:

“For millennia, humans have regarded rocks as either debris or building blocks. We blast away rock beds to build mountain highways. We mine gravel for construction, taking billions of rocks away from their homes. We expose rocks to brutal elements outdoors in the name of ‘guarding’ flower beds. Today we begin the process of ending this cycle of abuse.”

Vicky Walker, executive editor at, remembers her first pet rock, named Rocky, whom she eventually returned to the wild: “Rockster is for all the other Rockys out there and their pet rock parents who care so much for them.”

“This is a website that’s at least four billion years overdue (if the Internet was that old, that is),” says Janine Kahn, executive editorial director, digital at i-5 Publishing (now Lumina Media). “The pet rock is the original pet. Think about it –- what did cave kids play with? Rocks! But through the course of history these pet pioneers have been overshadowed and diminished by the emergence of modern, and might I add, higher-maintenance pets. Rockster is our chance to give back to the legacy of the original pet and show that you don’t have to have a heart and fur to be a lovable, lifelong pet.” digs up the dirt on issues directly related to pet rocks, from the tiniest pebbles to overgrown boulders. Along with uplifting and hilarious stories of pet rocks, Rockster also includes important features on how to raise a healthy and happy pet rock. The editors and writers of plow through the rubble of responsible rock ownership with features on rock care, rock style, rock training, as well as inspirational real-life stories of pet rocks who have changed the lives of their people.

Some of the articles featured in include: is not only the most consummate source of information on the world’s most ignored pet, it also champions the plight of homeless pet rocks. In an inspirational call-to-action, Rockster will donate a portion of all proceeds from merchandise purchased from the online store to the Palm Desert Pet Rock Rescue.

How did the idea for originate? Walker recalls her first pet rock and a time in her childhood when the pet rock enjoyed a small revival.

“In the 1970s I remember getting my first pet rock for Christmas. I wasn’t much into fads at the time, but that little rock just grew on me. Rocky meant the world to me. Many years later when I returned home from college, I noticed Rocky had lost his glow. He wasn’t the same. Even his haystack bed was brown and brittle. I took Rocky to the riverbed by our house and gave him back to the Earth. Ever since, I vowed that one day I would be in the position to give Rocky and other pet rocks a voice.” is scheduled to launch on April 1, 2015. Also in the works is a Rockster real-time webcam where viewers can watch the large collection of pet rocks at the Rockster headquarters. will also lead and sponsor the upcoming “Bring Your Rock to Work Day” campaign.


Rockster collects helpful and hilarious information for the worldly but still infatuated rock aficionado. A resource for pet rock parents raising pebbles to boulders and all sizes in between, Rockster is devoted to the care and comfort of the creature that rules its quarry. Founded in 2015, is owned by i-5 Publishing (now Lumina Media) and is based in San Francisco. Follow Rockster on Facebook.

For more information or for interviews, contact: Lisa MacDonald, marketing director, 949-855-8822, ext. 3345 or


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