Dogster Casey Giving Away Roadie Ruff Rider Seatbelt

Casey the Super Dog Are Dogsters considerate dogs (and humans) or what. Take this new contest for example. Casey the Super Dog and her mom...


Casey the Super Dog

Dog Seatbelt Give Away!

Are Dogsters considerate dogs (and humans) or what. Take this new contest for example. Casey the Super Dog and her mom want more of their fellow Dogsters to buckle up for safety. So what do they do? They run a contest and actually GIVE a seat belt to some lucky dog! And Sabrina and her mom are sweet enough to bark in to let us all know so everyone can participate in the contest! Like I always say, great dogs and great people on Dogster!

Veronica Morris wrote:
Hey there,

A dog named Casey has started a contest where she will be giving away a Roadie Ruff Rider seat belt (one of the only two seat belts on the market tested to human safety standards). I think more pups would enter if they read about it here on the dog blog… If you agree you can post it!

Veronica and Sabrina

Roadie Ruff Rider
Do I ever agree Veronica and Sabrina!

Here’s the original contest announcement from Casey.

My mama has noticed that a lot more dogs on Dogster are getting seat belts because of all the discussion of doggie car safety. She was recently in an accident where the back of her car was destroyed and if I had been in the car I probably would have been seriously hurt. She bought me a seat belt a few years ago but never really used it because I didn’t really like it and it was a pain to get me into. But now I am not ever allowed in the car without me seat belt. I have used it for a while now and have gotten quite use to it and she has gotten quicker at putting it on me. Most of us doggies way less then children that are still required to be put into car seats so why would you not buckle us up too. Please buckle your doggie up!

With this plea, my mama would like to promote car safety by having a Roadie Ruff Rider seat belt giveaway. All you have to do is post a picture of yourself at your favorite place and tag it Roadie”. You also have to post an explanation of where your favorite place is and a promise that if you win the Roadie the next time you go there you will be buckled up.

So for example: I would tag one of my beach pictures Roadie” because that is my favorite place to go. Then I would respond to this post by saying, my favorite place is the beach and next time I go there I promise to buckle up”. You dont have to use those exact words but you get the gist of it. This giveaway will end a week from today 6/16/06. The doggie with the best picture will win a free Roadie. With this photo stroll I hope to promote doggie car safety and hope more guardians will buckle their dogs up, for their dogs safety and their own.

If you already have a seat belt please do not enter this giveaway. It is my hopes that I can give a seat belt to a dog that does not have one. Thank you.

To see the original post follow this link to the dogs and travel forum.

A big barky thank you to Casey and Sabrina and their human moms!!!!



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