Dogster Brutis Mud Thanks Family and Encourages Others to Adopt Pitts

Thanks to Brutis Mud for barking in to share his story. Brutis, like many Dogsters, is a rescue and he wrote in to let his...


Rescue Pit Bulls Are Gracious Dogs

Brutis Mud

Thanks to Brutis Mud for barking in to share his story. Brutis, like many Dogsters, is a rescue and he wrote in to let his new family know how much he appreciates what they’ve done for him. I was tearing up reading his story and I think you might too!

I hope you don’t mind me asking you this. I would like to know if you can copy my story in the dog blog. I’m a pitt mix puppy that was rescued from near death and how thankful I’ve been to my parents that i rescued my daddy, my chihuahua brother, and how i walked with my daddy for 3 miles in the middle of the night when his car broke down. I didn’t even have a leash on. My story is to encourage people to rescue a dog because they are very thankful creatures. I’m also showing how even a pitbull makes a wonderful companion. I hope it is inspiring to other owners.

Here’s my story:

“I’m approx. 7 mos old. We believe i’m a Shepherd/boxer/pit mix. My name is Brutis Mud and this is my story.”

This is the story as told by his family.

In his photos here he looks like just a happy puppy but last August it was a whole different story.

My uncle and aunt had recently moved from their home out in the city to the desert with their 3 sons, chihuahua, and kitten. I happened to be up there to visit the new home their second week of living there. My uncle and I went off roading with his truck he built. On our way back we saw a dog tied up with coat hangers and a very small collar. My uncle thought the dog was dead and went to go see. The dog was just a puppy and was still alive but bearly. My uncle untied the coat hanger from the dog and the dog jumped right into the truck. The dog was really dehydrated so we took him home. In a whole hour he ate 2 big bowls of dog food and 2 big bowls of water. My uncle and i went back to were we found the dog and the owners said they didn’t have a dog. We never found the owners so he’s ours.

Even though i live an hour away i still go up to see him about once a month.

Since Brutis Mud has been in the family he’s attacked a trespassing coyote who went after my uncle and attacked a rottweiler ( love the breed and blame the owners for their aggressive dog) that had attacked my uncle’s chihuahua.

Brutis has one a forever place in our hearts and is an example that a pitt can be a loving dog as well as loyal not only to his owners but his owner’s other pets as well.

My labrador at home hasn’t met Brutis yet since he needs to be a bit more socialized yet but i plan on them meeting.

BTW, Brutis is a quick learner. My uncle doesn’t have a fence around the yard yet but is planning to get it done in April or May after Tax season is over. Brutis is tied up when we leave the house because he will follow our car otherwise but when he’s let loose he goes only beyond property lines with us. He knows sit, lie down, come and his name. Not bad for a couple months.”

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