Dogs & Storks — A Site for Dogs, Babies and People Who Want to Have Both

Are you pregnant? Know someone with a dog who's pregnant? Know someone with a dog who is even thinking about getting pregnant? Check out the...



Are you pregnant? Know someone with a dog who’s pregnant? Know someone with a dog who is even thinking about getting pregnant? Check out the Dogs & Storks site! Lots of answers to all those dogs and babies questions! Lots of resources!

I’m excited about this site because I hear soooo many pregnant women say they worry about having a dog when they have a baby. So what happens? You guessed it! They dump the dog! I hope this site can help some of those deserving dogs keep their happy homes.

I want to thank Legacy Canine Behavior & Training Site for directing me to Dogs & Storks!

Here’s what the Dogs & Storks site says about itself:

About Dogs&Storks

Dogs&Storks was created from the observation that too often families give up their dog once children are in the immediate future. What we discovered is that in the vast majority of cases, giving up the K9 “baby” was not necessary. What’s missing is the information and resources parents need to handle and address the natural concerns and questions that they experience. We listened and created this specialized program to address the consistent questions and concerns hundreds of families have shared with us over the years in our Dog behavior consulting business.

Since the beginning of Dogs&Storks (Workshop) in 2002, we have discovered that many Grandparents, other extended family and childcare providers have questions they need answers to as well. Dogs&Storks invites all family and childcare providers to attend our program with the new parents at no extra fee. Dogs are all around us in the community and the more you know the better choices you can make with a child when encountering dogs.

In short, Dogs&Storks is about helping families set themselves up for success. Education is the key. By learning about your dog and how he communicates, your family can increase the safety of your kids, provide a life-long home for your companion and have fun too!

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