Dogs Deserve Better’s Tammy Grimes Sentenced to 300 Hours of Community Service

Just when you think humans can't get any more vindictive, some judge does this... The court may be able to order DDB to remove info...


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Just when you think humans can’t get any more vindictive, some judge does this… The court may be able to order DDB to remove info on Doogie but there’s a whole lot of us out here that aren’t under that order and I don’t think any of OUR reports on Doogie and DDB are going to be disappearing any time soon.

Thanks to Donna B. and Gizmo the Great for barking in this news from the DDb site.

2/22/08. Today Grimes was sentenced to 300 hours community service for a ‘people organization’, because ‘people are dogs too’. She was also ordered to pay for the cost of the trial. This was justified by the judge because she said that Grimes chose to go to trial over ARD, therefore she should have to pay for it. Isn’t it every person’s right to go to trial? Does that right come with a price tag? Interestingly enough, according to Grimes’ attorneys, this is not only NOT OFTEN done, but RARELY done. The costs were around $1700.

She was also ordered within 10 days to take everything Doogie related off of any site she ‘has control or influence over’. We will be appealing most if not all of the sentencing asap.

The absolute worst part of it all was the way she was treated by both the DA and the judge. The saddest thing is that they actually seem to BELIEVE the horrible things they said about her. They seem to actually BELIEVE that the taking of Doogie was a publicity stunt by Grimes, so that she could be a ‘hero’. That the Arnolds are ‘victims’ of her lies, and that ‘the dog was just old’.

The DA said he was shocked this was her first offense, because her disrespect for the law and it’s officials is like his worst hardened criminals. He also said that everything on the DDB site is a lie, twisted by Grimes to make people believe her. He was seriously ticked off that the Arnolds received Valentines and a brochure this Valentine’s Day. Yet, at trial he insisted DDB should try to educate them, so which is it? Do you want them educated or not?

The judge said that Grimes was no Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, Jr. That she has disgraced herself and her cause, as well as her supporters by her actions. That two wrongs don’t make a right. (If she’s admitting there were ‘two wrongs’, then why are the Arnolds still not being convicted of abuse?)

We are saddened by the state of affairs in Blair County, Pennsylvania. Saddened by the people ‘in control’, and saddened by the beliefs they put out into the world.

Pictures and video do not lie. If it were a he said/she said situation, we could understand how they would believe the Arnolds when they say the dog was just old. But with the abundance of evidence of neglect, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the behavior of both DA Richard Consiglio and Judge Elizabeth Doyle. Pictures and video DO NOT LIE.

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