Dogs are Better Protection if Kept Inside

I don't want to get into that old argument between dog folks -- should dogs always live inside or out. I know there are good...
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Cathy Rosenthal
I don’t want to get into that old argument between dog folks — should dogs always live inside or out. I know there are good dog people who have very nice outdoor arrangements for their canine friends. BUT, if you want a dog for protection check out this Cathy Rosenthal article from the San Antonio Express News. Its a fairly long article so I won’t print it all here but this will give you a taste of it.

Dogs Are Better Protection Inside

Frances called me, upset because her neighbor had a new dog. “She keeps the dog chained outside, all day and all night,” says Frances. “I asked my neighbor why she got the dog. She said she wanted a guard dog.” Poor Jazz, a sweet 2-year-old red heeler mix, now spends her life chained to a boat in the driveway, barking at passers-by. What Frances’ neighbor clearly doesn’t understand is that dogs are better deterrents against home invaders if they are kept inside the house. A barking dog chained to a boat only means your boat won’t get stolen. The dog can’t effectively protect the rest of your property simply by barking.

Because dogs are pack animals and love their families, they are more likely to protect their families if they live inside the house with them. Just ask a K-9 police officer. These officers know police dogs are the best protectors around. That’s why they keep these loyal dogs in their homes, and not outside on a chain or in a kennel.

This week is Be Kind to Animals Week. It’s usually a week that I talk about the incredible bond we share with our animal friends. But really, when I hear stories like this, I am grateful animals haven’t learned the human language. Otherwise, we might be observing Living With Stupid People Week.

This would be a great article to reprint and hand out at dog events for the public. How many times have I heard my neighbors say that their dogs are for protection? But unless the thief, murderer, whatever decides to visit the dog tied in the backyard first, I fail to see how much protection the dog provides.

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