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Doggie Pals Oscar and Tiki Rule New York City’s Social Media Scene

These happy pups, one with wheels, zip around the Big Apple while posting fun-packed pics to Instagram and Facebook.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Nov 3rd 2015

If you find yourself in New York City and decide to take a hike over the Williamsburg Bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan, you might just come across a couple of pups zipping by you. If you notice that one of them is scooting along on a pair of wheels, then there’s a good chance you’ve spotted Oscar and Tiki, a rescue duo who also love frolicking on the social media scene.

Taking a break out from manning their Facebook and Instagram profiles, here’s Oscar and Tiki’s mom, Christian, giving the scoop on these winsome pooches.

First there was Oscar

It's an overcast day, so Oscar brought his own sunshine. ☀️

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“Oscar was rescued from death row by our vet,” says Christian, while explaining his backstory. “He had been left on the street on Delancey under the Williamsburg Bridge, dragging himself. He was taken in to animals services and then put on death row.”

Fortunately, a vet saw Oscar on Facebook and pulled him out on what Christian says would have been his “last day alive.” A month later, Christian came across Oscar in the vet’s office: “He came scooting out from the back room with a bunch of other dogs, and it was love at first sight.”

And then there was Tiki

I hope your weekend's off to a happy start like Tiki's!!

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Tiki joined the family from a high-kill shelter in Kentucky. After a large-scale rescue mission, around a dozen dogs were brought to the New York/New Jersey area and placed in foster homes. As Christian says, “Rick [her partner] met Tiki at an adoption event by In Our Hands Rescue, and it was love at first sight with her, too.”

Freewheelin’ Oscar

Oscar zooms around with the use of the Walkin’ Wheels brand of dog wheelchairs. Christian says he was a little resistant to the mobility device at first, but was quickly won over.

“One of the best things was Oscar meeting other dogs and realizing he could play,” she explains, “so in the end he just ignored that he was on wheels and just started having fun.”

Christian adds that Oscar was inspired to begin pulling off fancy moves with his wheels after spotting a “cute girl dog” called Billie while out on a walk. You can check out Oscar’s flirtatious tricks over on YouTube.

When Oscar met Tiki

6 paws + 2 wheels + 2 smiles = 1 party ????

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How did Oscar react to meeting his new playmate Tiki for the first time? Apparently with much glee and enthusiasm. “They were great friends from the start,” recalls Christian. “They are the cutest brother-and-sister pair.”

Explaining the root of their bond, she adds, “I think dogs sense what’s going on, and Oscar knew that Tiki was going to be family. They love to play and chomp on each other and then cuddle.”

Be happy

“Oscar and Tiki always have huge smiles,” says Christian while summing up their personalities. “Oscar is a little gentleman and Tiki is our princess.”

She also recalls a long drive from New York to Maryland during which Oscar played the role of a “good little passenger” while Tiki decided to act like “a little girl who was bored.” While pouting in her best fashion, Tiki “rolled in her seat, dug in the bags for treats, and sighed heavily like she was saying, “Are we there yet?”

“They are such wonderful, funny pups!” she adds.

Bridge runners

"Switch!!" #tikilovestheluxuries @wagaware

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When it comes to strutting around New York City, Oscar and Tiki love to traverse the Williamsburg Bridge. “People always give them looks and big smiles,” says Christian, when asked what sort of reaction these two pooches provoke. “Many tell us they didn’t know that wheelchairs for dogs existed and mention they have a friend who has dog who could use one.”

Christian also says that Oscar was originally abandoned near their home, “so he used to have a stressed reaction to some places, but over time the whole area has become a happy place for him.” Last year Oscar also popped into a book fair at a school on Delancey Street right near to where he was dumped and picked up a copy of the PupStyle sticker-book that he’s featured in.

“We were so happy to finally take back Delancey for happy memories,” says Christian. “The sad stuff is long gone.”

Slide over to Oscar and Tiki’s Instagram or Facebook page to keep up to speed with their travels.

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