Wrigley the Pup Has Perfected the Art of Land Swimming

Whenever he's around water, Little Wriggly starts to dog paddle. Even if the water happens to be in a glass.


Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

The first rule of Dog Scouts is to always be prepared. For anything! Be prepared to climb a tree. Be prepared to celebrate dog howl-idays. Be prepared to sniff whale poop. Be prepared to lead a tour of New York City. Be prepared to vacuum up any crumbs that fall on the floor. Be prepared to sleep anywhere there’s a warm patch of sunlight.

Little Wriggly is an upstanding Dog Scout who has received all his land-swimming badges. “Land swimming?” you ask, cocking your head to one side like a curious puppy. Yes, land swimming. Or air swimming. It’s like air guitar, except you doggie paddle instead. Through the air.

Whether he’s flying over a toilet, his water dish, or a tiny glass of water, if Wriggly should fall, he is ready to paddle his way to safety. Just look at his form! His kick! His stroke! This pup is ready for a summer of waterside fun.

Petsami is the number one destination for funny pet and animal videos, blogs and photos. It’s the digital entertainment network for your animal instincts. Please visit petsami.com for more stories.

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