Would You Adopt a Dog WIth Two Noses? Meet Two-Nose Toby

He was found in Southern California, and a shelter says there's lots of interest if no one claims him.


Two-Nose Toby is making national news this week, after the dog with two noses was picked up on the side of the rural road near Bakersfield, California, and taken to the Tulare County Animal Control shelter, according to ABC. No, it’s not because he is a happy, playful dog, though he is that. And it’s not because he loves to make friends with other dogs and play fetch and snuggle up to visitors, though he certainly does all that.

It’s because he has two noses.

He has one on his left, and one on his right.

That makes two.

OK, fine, he really has one nose that has been separated in a sort of cleft palate-type situation. But doesn’t it look like two noses?

“He was actually born like that because he doesn’t have scar tissue on the top,” said Paula Mendoza, who works at the shelter and is caring for Toby. She said his noses don’t seem to bother him.

What’s important here is not the two noses (but what a couple of noses!), rather Toby might need a home, if his parents don’t turn up. He wasn’t microchipped, so the shelter is waiting to see if anyone claims him. If not, then he’ll be available Monday. Mendoza is confident in Toby’s chances, because he is such a good dog. And, well, noses.

“He would make a good pet because he’s lovable, and he likes to play fetch,” she said. “I’m pretty sure he gets along well with children.”

Fortunately, Toby probably won’t have to wait a long time. According to SFist, the shelter’s phone “has been ringing off the hook” with people asking about Toby. Mendoza has taken this opportunity to make a case for all the other dogs at the shelter.

“I tell them we have a lot of other great dogs that are just like him, except they only have one nose,” she said.

In you’re interested in Toby, visit Tulare County Animal Control shelter.


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