Dog Votes Make Waves Across US

If you're wondering what impact dogs and those who love them had at the polls here in teh States Tuesday, check out this post on...


Politics Affect Dogs Too

Jan and Bob voting

If you’re wondering what impact dogs and those who love them had at the polls here in teh States Tuesday, check out this post on the Dog Politics blog.

My Dog Bob Votes! Pooches Win At The Polls

See Bob. See Bob’s owner Jan. See Bob and Jan at the polls in California. See Bob and Jan Vote. Jan says, My Dog Votes!

Jan and Bob, a Bull Terrier, care about voting – especially in LOCAL elections.

Jan and Bob care very much about who represents their interests on the local town council.

Jan – seen here proudly wearing her election chic My Dog Votes Long Sleeve Tee (plug, plug), and Bob are both sporting a “I Voted!” sticker, went to the polls to send a very clear message to local politicians……………….

My Dog Votes

Jan and Bob, particularly disturbed and the passage of California’s SB 861, which circumvents California’s prohibition against breed discrimination, went out to elect dog-friendly candidates in their district.

Jan and Bob are sending a clear message to members of the California Legislature by voting for candidates that support and protect the right to responsible dog ownership, and voting against candidates that support discriminatory laws and measures that punish innocent dogs and innocent owners.

Jan says loud-n-clear, “My Dog Bob Votes!”

There’s A New Breed Of Voter In Town

This election season – there’s a new breed of voter in town, the dog owner. This new voting bloc promises to be a force in local and state elections.

Reporters from New York Newsday, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post have all called about the My Dog Votes Campaign and Survey and the mission to Save Dogs & Democracy.

Given the spate of calls I’ve received from reporters this week about My Dog Votes, I’d say dog owners are on the radar.

Jan and Bob aren’t the only ones who went to the polls.

Ally and Jackie voting

Check out Ally, a lovely Shepherd and her owner, Jackie, pulling the lever for their local dog-friendly candidate, sent by Dawn in Cali! Polling place photos courtesy of the good folks at CHAKO Rescue.

Across America, dog owners have said they they favor dog-friendly candidates and have without a doubt, made clear that they will not hesitate to cross party lines to save their dog and preserve their right to own a dog.

Why Local Elections Count

At the end of the day, who you elect to represent you on your local town council may have a lasting and powerful impact on your life. Think about it…………..

Families have been forced to move, give up their dogs, or have had their innocent dogs seized and euthanized in places like Denver.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

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