Watch a Clever Dog Employ Her Dog Bed as a Disguise

We think she used the dog bed for cover due to an alien invasion -- that's what Tom Cruise would do.


Editor’s Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

Sometimes a game of fetch requires some CIA-level stealth. Sometimes humans don’t realize that that charming squeaky toy — the bone, or duck, or whatever — is actually a sinister sleeper cell for squeaky toy aliens with plans for taking over the world. The squeak is actually a signal that initiates a self-destruction sequence that will vaporize everything within a 5-mile radius.

And that, lassies and gentledogs, is why your pup immediately sets upon the business of tearing the squeaker from squeaky toys. Sure, they seem innocuous, but dogs know better, and they wonder why we keep bringing these vile threats into our homes! (Although they surely must admit they do enjoy carrying around the resulting limp plush carcass once the stuffing and the evil squeaker has been removed.)

Knowing the imminent danger of his family, this dog turns to some pretty stealthy moves to defend her home against the alien invasion. Using her dog bed as a disguise (they’ll never know!), she chases after the launched squeaky toy and captures it, saving humanity yet again from the alien squeaky toy attack.

… or at least that’s the narrative that plays out in your dog’s head every time you bring home a new squeaky toy. We won’t tell them it’s just a toy.

Photo: A chihuahua mix dog by

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