Try and Keep Up With This Spring-Loaded French Bulldog

Feeling happy? Go ahead and jump for joy, like this adorable puppy does in this video.
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Dogs can teach us a lot about life. For starters: Never skip dinner. Take time to stop and smell the roses … and the daisies, and the poppies, and the daffodils, and the fire hydrate. A nap in the sunshine cures all woes. Some things are not worth chasing (like your tail). Don’t judge others (they might have a treat in their pockets).

And, most importantly, when something delights you, go ahead and show it!

And no one embodies that more than this little French Bulldog. We’re not sure what’s got her so excited, but whatever it is, it’s wound her up and let her go like a little spring-loaded jumping toy. She almost looks like a frog bouncing around, trying to invite the cat to play (but the cat, of course, is too involved with her grooming to even notice the bounding puppy).

Her exuberance is so infectious, it’s got all the humans in the room laughing and giggling.

So take this lesson with you, Dogsters: When something makes you so happy you could just jump for joy, go ahead and do it. Chances are it will brighten the mood of everyone around you.

(Go ahead, watch it again — don’t you feel awesome now?)

Photo: French Bulldog showing tongue by Shutterstock

Via Have You Seen This?

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