The Dog Parody of Brad Pitt’s Bizarre Chanel No. 5 Ad

The Internet is abuzz with people making fun of the new Chanel spokesbro. Now, a dog does it.


A new Chanel No. 5 ad starring Brad Pitt is generating viral amounts of buzz, as it features the actor Pitt, who played an airport cop in 1987’s No Way Out and once dated Robin Givens of Head of the Class, among other accomplishments, standing in a unforgivably lit room espousing lines stolen from a trash can out back of the fortune cookie factory, which the actor appears to have memorized.

At the end he is asked to think up and pronounce a multisyllablic word all by himself, which he does so, indubitably.

Parodies are stacking up, of course, because this thing is a train wreck. Is Pitt kidnapped? Why does he say that word at the end with an air of accomplishment? Is he on drugs, one of the new ones? Is that wallpaper behind him or blood splatter? What kind of perfume is this?

SNL had its go at the ad, as did Conan and Leif Garrett. But finally a parody arrived that matched the greatness of the original — the dog parody from the Pet Collective, with a dog as Pitt. The dog is excellent as Pitt, because Pitt is like three-quarters dog already. I always saw him as a sort of Lab/Boxer mix myself, whereas this is more of a shaggy fellow. But Pitt is nothing if not shaggy fellow in this video. It’s like he came on set right from the side of the road sipping a juice box.

Here’s the text again, because it is so good:

It’s not a walk

Every walk ends, but we go on

The stick flies, and we chase after it

Training disappears; instincts take over

But wherever I fetch

There you are

My wag, my treat, my belly rub


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