The Pet Collective’s Husky Puppy Cam Streams Cuteness

Need your Husky puppy fix? The Pet Collective has you covered, 24 hours a day.


Hey, it’s Friday — you don’t need to get any work done today, do you? Why don’t you make it a three-day weekend and get a head start on relaxing? Look, we’ve even provided some entertainment to help you get nothing done. Because it’s Friday! Productivity is so overrated.

You know what’s not overrated? The the cuteness of puppies. In fact, the cuteness of puppies is often underrated. If we gave more validation to just how adorable puppies are, we could probably bring about world peace. We could just get all the world leaders together, put them in a room, and let loose a litter of adorable puppies, and you can bet your buttons that they would all melt into adoring goo, and be all like, “Hey man, let’s quit fighting and just snuggle puppies all day long.”

That’s probably not likely to happen anytime soon, so here’s the next best thing: Let’s all get together and watch the Pet Collective’s Husky Puppy Cam. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the camera offers a look into the budding lives of a litter of five Husky puppies. The puppies were born on October 23, and are under constant professional supervision as they grow up, awaiting their forever homes.

It’s OK, ‘fess up: How long have you spent on the Husky Puppy Cam today?

Photo: Four puppies of husky on a blue background by

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