Bentley the Bulldog Puppy Lists His Grievances, Adorably

Bentley has something important to say, but we're not sure what because we're distracted by CUTE.


Life is ruff when you’re a puppy. Some of your features are still a tad too big for you — like your paws, which always get in your way, leading to puppy tripping disasters. And what’s worse is that those oversized ears or eyes that you have yet to grow into just make you look adorable, so no one takes you seriously when you try to complain about not getting 18 hours of sleep or an entire bag of treats. Puppies have needs, people — very serious, very real needs. Like round-the-clock scratches behind the ear!

Consider Bentley the Bulldog puppy. Bentley is incensed by something, but we’re not sure what it could be, since we stopped listening the first thirty seconds into the video because, oh my dog, is he adorable! Those little legs! That little pink face! That little compact body!

Bentley continues to grumble and growl, but we’re deaf to his demands because we are mesmerized by the cuteness. What was that, Bentley? You peed on the rug? That’s okay, we’re sure you looked cute while you did it.

Sorry, Bentley, we didn’t quite catch that last part. Guess we’ll have to the play the video again. Oh, the agony!

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