In Barcelona, a New Water Park Lets Pooches Cool Off in Style

A five-star dog resort in Spain lets dogs frolic in fountains and slides built just for them.


If your dog is looking for a vacation spot this summer, Spain seems to be the place to go. A dog-loving entrepreneur, Fedrico Cano, just opened an enormous five-star resort for dogs, complete with a swimming pool.

Usually people put a lot of effort keeping the pooch out of the pool, especially the public ones. But at Resort Canino Can Jane, getting the dog wet is the big selling point, and the one that’s getting them international press coverage. The pool, which is certainly more luxurious than the facilities at any place your average Dogster freelancer is likely to stay for vacation, includes slides and fountains designed especially for the canine set.

Why a pool for the dogs? Cano told the International Business Times that “I don’t see why dogs should not be allowed to enjoy a swim when the weather gets hot just like people can — especially here in Spain where it gets really hot. I designed it so that it was a little bit like a beach with a gradual slope; that is exactly what dogs appreciate.”

So far, there’s only one glitch in the system: Cano needs to come up with a stronger filter, because all that dog hair floating around in the water kind of does exactly what you’d expect when it hits the pipes. The current filtration system is a bit overwhelmed by the shedding dogs.

If the video below can be believed, it looks like a lot of fun for humans and dogs (and maybe, someday, writers). Cano claims that it’s a good solution to your high-energy dogs who want your entire vacation to be about them: “The best thing is that they really burn off a lot of energy coming here,” he said in Metro. “Take the dog to the resort for an hour and I can guarantee that it will sleep for the next two days.”

Via International Business Times and Metro

All photos from Resort Canino Can Jané Facebook Page.

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