Dog Sent To Jail For Eating Money

Since this is a dog blog, a couple of times a month our boy Bo (woof!) thought it would be nice to get the news...


Since this is a dog blog, a couple of times a month our boy Bo (woof!) thought it would be nice to get the news through a dog’s eyes.

Bo invites everyone to read a chapter from his upcoming book BAD TO THE BONE at Bo Knows Online. It’s a funny memoir about the crazy adventures we have shared together over the last 14 plus years, told through Bo’s eyes.

Okay Bo, take it from here….

You ever get the munchies so bad that you’ll eat anything?

When this happens to me I usually head straight for the kitchen garbage can and turn it over. I’m so good at it I’ve been offered work on a Waste Management garbage truck.

Once I’ve turned the can, and my frown, upside down I pick through the goodies that my folks have tossed aside. Mmm…yogurt cups, chicken skin, spaghetti sauce, head cheese, cow tongue…it’s all there for the taking.

Sure my parents get upset when they see the mess but at least they don’t have to worry about feeding me. The only thing they really need to keep an eye out for is a bad case of diarrhea. Usually doesn’t happen, but when it does it’s best to be prepared.

One thing I won’t eat though is money. I’m obviously not a germ freak, but even I wonder where some of the hands that have handled paper money have been.

I guess the feeling is different in Kenya where a lovable canine ate his owner’s rent money. The Daily Telegraph has the details and the consequences.

A MAN persuaded police to arrest his pet dog after it ate his rent money by bribing them with more cash to make it worth their while.

Robert Njeru, 25, of Nakuru town in Kenya, took his dog to the local police station after it chewed up almost 3,000 Kenyan shillings (20).

The farmer had left his rent money for the month on his bed in the morning when he went to work.

When he returned that night, all that remained were a few shreds of banknotes on the floor.

The furious Mr Njeru marched his dog down to the police station and demanded that officers lock up the animal.

Police reportedly refused him until he paid them 50 shillings to make it worth their while.

However on hearing about the story, the district police boss fired the police officer for accepting a bribe and released the dog back to its owner.

Local police spokesman Steven Karungu said: “It was a really stupid thing for the police to lock up a dog after being given a bribe. It degrades the police force in this area.”

Mr Njeru has still not forgiven his dog and has put it up for sale for 20 shillings.

I guess that’s one way of laundering money. Woof!

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