Our Monday Miracle Is Fifty, a Pittie Who Lost His Legs, But Gained a Dream Home

After a shooting, he was sent to a shelter because no one would rent to him and his owner.


It’s a startling example of the danger of assuming a specific set of traits about a specific breed of dog (or race or sex or orientation): According to Fifty the 2-Legged Pit Bull’s Facebook page, he was wrongly shot by a police officer in some sort of confrontation. The injuries were so severe that despite efforts otherwise, the dog’s two right legs had to be amputated, leaving him with just two.

But dogs are amazingly adaptable, so for Fifty, missing two legs was actually not that bad. But there was nothing he could do to combat the breed specific obstacles he and his family ran into when, after losing their home, they tried to find a new place to live. They were constantly denied housing based on stereotypes regarding Fifty’s breed, the Pit Bull. They were faced with a tough decision: Either go homeless or surrender Fifty, hoping he could find a better future.

A dog with special needs faces daunting odds in a shelter — especially as a Pit Bull. However, for Fifty, his special needs made him stand out, and he caught the eye of the shelter manager. She advocated on Fifty’s behalf, reaching out to the Doberman Rescue Plus. The organization pulled Fifty and eventually found him his forever home. Now Fifty is an ambassador for his breed, and along with his human friends, helps foster other dogs on their journey to their forever homes.

All photos via Fifty’s Facebook page. Go check it out and let him know Dogster appreciates all his work.

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