Muppet the Poodle Broke Her Leg in a Fall — And It Saved Her

She had been headed for a lifetime of breeding, then a vet intervened when she was on death row.


Imagine if you fell down some stairs (because you are very small) and broke your leg, and instead of rushing you to the emergency room to get your leg fixed up, the folks in charge were just like, “Aw, just put her down.”

Okay, confession: I got strep throat last week and the discomfort was so unbearable (because I’m a big baby) that I wanted to die, but that’s not the point here.

The point is that someone almost did that to sweet Muppet! Muppet was going to be used for breeding, but then she tripped and fell, breaking her leg, and her former owners were going to have her euthanized. Euthanized! That’s when the vet stepped in and offered to help Muppet find a new home rather than send her off to the Rainbow Bridge way before her time.

Muppet’s former owners relinquished her and the little red Poodle immediately went into surgery. She was outfitted with a steel plate and pins, spayed, and put into foster care. And, as you can clearly see, Muppet is so cute that her foster family quickly turned into her forever family. And the rest is history.

It’s kind of a weird blessing in disguise. Had Muppet not fallen down the stairs and broken her leg, then she might have been exhausted with litters of puppies — puppies who may or may not have been bred responsibly and gone on to suffer from poor breeding or neglect. So while Muppet might have had a rough start, it seems like things have turned out for the best.

All photos via Muppet’s Facebook page — go check it out and let her know Dogster is a fan!

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