Luther Lost Half an Ear in a Fight But Gained Wheels and a Home

This paralyzed dog was terrified during his rescue, but soon his sweet personality took over.
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When Luther’s rescuer found him ditched near a rural gas station, the little dog was covered in fleas and scabs, and his right ear was bloody from being bitten off in some unknown violent encounter.

Even though Luther’s days were about to improve, the frightened dog cowered under a car, growling and trying to bite the hand that wanted to feed him. But his rescuer was undeterred — she wasn’t going to give up on the dog. It took nearly an hour, but eventually she had the little guy in her car, where he continued to express his fear.

Luther calmed down by the time they arrived at the vet’s office, allowing his true personality to shine through. The staff fell in love with him, commenting that they’d never seen a stray with such an ultimately sweet disposition. Back home, Luther clutched to a safety blanket his rescuer bought for him, too scared to eat or drink. Eventually, however, Luther’s spirit triumphed, and, like any other dog, he’d eagerly await his rescuer when she got home from work.

However, this home could not be Luther’s forever home. His rescuer could not care for him permanently, so she took on the task of finding him a family — and she was successful!

Now Luther has a great new home where he never needs to live in fear again. Lucky for him, because one day Luther’s hind legs gave out, never to move again. No big deal though — his family is working tirelessly with physical therapists to get the dog used to his brand-new wheelchair.

Photos via Luther’s Facebook page, which you should go follow and send him Dogster’s love!

Not bad for a little dog who was once almost too scared to accept help.

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