Shih Tzu in Labor Gets Dropped at a Shelter — and Saved

Quick action by a group of humans helped this mama dog and her pups.


There’s a lot wrong in the world today, but some folks have made a tiny dent in the darkness by helping this mama Shih Tzu, who was abandoned at the East Valley Shelter in Los Angeles while in labor. The mama was severely malnourished, with her fur in mangled knots, so her puppies, once born, were not able to nurse.

Upon hearing of this, the Bill Foundation Dog Rescue stepped in with a couple of shelter advocates, who rushed the mama to a vet, where her fur was shaved (it took an hour and a half!), allowing her puppies to nurse successfully.

Although it’s a tear-jerker, the video is a beautiful reminder of the magic that can happen when people help each other. The Shih Tzu mama was named Asha Attie, and her condition is much improved. She’s home safe and sound with a foster family, who will help her raise her litter of puppies until furever homes can be found for them. You can follow her progress at the Bill Foundation Facebook page.

And for the love of dog, please spay and neuter your pets!

Photos by the Bill Foundation

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