Dog Purge in Chinese City of Chongging

This news is like some horrendous sequel to the previous horror story of Chinese dog purges. That's right, purges. Let's not let these Chinese authorities...



This news is like some horrendous sequel to the previous horror story of Chinese dog purges. That’s right, purges. Let’s not let these Chinese authorities get away with calling this a “cull.” Use the real name for it, purge.

Does this remind anyone else of the human purges during the 60’s and 70’s. Its the same impetus. Let’s get very real. You don’t get rid of “rabies” by killing all pet dogs. You get rid of rabies by vaccinations. The CHinese have been offered tons of help with that. So no, rabies isn’t the target here.

So what IS the target? Could it be the feelings that having dogs around inspires? You know, those feelings of protectiveness to others, acceptance of something outside of the norm, thinking in different ways, those sorts of things. What the authorities want to purge aren’t just the dogs. THose are the innocent victims. No, I strongly suspect that the authorities want to purge those feelings and all the other good things that come with feeling the love of a being who can help a person look beyond their own limited selves.

Once again, I encourage everyone who can to boycott the Chinese Olympics. These purges may be in the past by then but only because the authorities who will benefit from them have managed to kill every dissent and dissenter possible, human and canince.

Thanks to Daphne, Zeb’s furmom, for barking in this story from Yahoo News.

China district orders pet dogs killed
By DIAMOND CHENG, Associated Press Writer

HONG KONG – All pet dogs will be killed in a district of the southwestern Chinese city of Chongqing as part of an anti-rabies campaign, the government said.

Residents of the city’s Wanzhou district have until March 15 to hand over their dogs, according to a directive seen Wednesday on the district’s official Web site.

“All the dogs in the area should be killed. A compulsory cull phase will begin after March 16. The forced cull will be carried out by the police,” the directive said.

The statement said government guard dogs and those animals kept for research institutions, military and commercial purposes would be spared.

Officials have rounded up dogs in other cities, such as Beijing, as they crack down on strays and unregistered pets.

A spokesman at Wanzhou’s Health Department refused to comment about the cull.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article.

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