Presenting the Wandant, the World’s First Dog Pedometer

A electronic fitness tracker for dogs? OK, we'll bite.

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You’re probably familiar with fitness trackers, those high-tech devices you often get as a Christmas presents (especially if you’re a dad) that monitor all kinds of gross bodily data before they go into a nightstand, never to be seen again.

Now you can give one to your dog.

Fujitsu’s Wandant Pedometer, which employs motion-tracking tech, is posed to revolutionize the way dogs … walk? Yes. According to Wired, the device contains three accelerometers, which record all kinds of stuff, like the number of step your dog takes and how much he shakes, along with temperature changes. The data is then uploaded into the cloud, where it forms interesting graphs reporting on your dog’s activities.

At the end of the day, you see, you can look at the graph and say to your dog, “Oh, you ran three miles today? I’m glad I have the Wandant!”

You can also manually enter your dog’s stool condition in the event you want to monitor your dog’s stool condition on a graph in the cloud, instead of just, you know, there on the grass.

You can also access all this information on your Android phone, thank God.

The Wandant is, however, a bit of a technology marvel in the field of pedometers, because it has to make sense of a dog’s four legs instead of two, as well as all that intense galumphing around a dog does throughout a day. That’s where the three accelerometers come in. According to Fujitsu, the Wandant is intended to prevent obesity in dogs, as well as to “visualize a pet’s health and support the quality of animals’ lives for a more prosperous society where people can confidently take better care of their pets.”

It is available in pink or blue.

Now, in case you’re thinking, “Hot damn! Where can I get a Wandant?” you’re out of luck. The device is only available in Japan. But that’s not such a bad thing, as Wired is reporting that is costs $120 and has a battery that lasts only four months.

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