Dog Pretends to Be a Bear

Above Kuma the bear waits in the bushes for an unsuspecting hiker. A lot of dog's look like bears but not many get asked to...
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Dogs Help Train Hikers


Above Kuma the bear waits in the bushes for an unsuspecting hiker.
A lot of dog’s look like bears but not many get asked to pretend to be bears. So who got to play Goldilocks?

This article comes to us from the Crowsnest Pass Promoter in Alberta, Canada.

Dog in Bears Clothing?
By Jocelyn Mercer

Theres more to a Karelian bear dog than meets the eye. Kuma, doesnt just frighten old bruin away, he also does a pretty good job mimicking him, as he proved to spectators at Castle Mountain Resort on Saturday.

Fish and Wildlife Officer John Clarke, was as the ski resort to run the Bear Smart session on Saturday afternoon with his two bear dogs, five-year-old Kuma and pup-in-training Koda. Part of the session involved getting Kuma to act like a bear so that people could practise how they should react when they come across one.

While Koda had to be banished to the truck on account of her whining, Kuma sat through a quick run- through of things to look out for to identify bear territory.

Clarke said one of the key things was spotting bear feces, which changes colour and consistency over the summer.

They have a really black tarry pooh in the spring, said Clarke. As the season goes on, he said that it becomes full of berry seeds and grass, or if their diet has been straight meat, it will become white and runny.

The best way to avoid a bear, he said, was to go out hiking in groups and make lots of noise in the process, and always carry a can of bear spray, he added.

Outside, Clarke put Kuma to work, first hiding in the undergrowth pretending to be a single foraging bear and then pretending to be a mother bear with a few cubs. Clarke led a couple of unsuspecting hikers by the terrifying bear, giving them the opportunity to practise how they would react if in fact Kuma was the beast he was made out to be.

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