Amazing Photos: Firefighters Save Doberman from Icy Lake

Diablo was chasing geese when tragedy struck -- the ice gave way.


About one hour ago we told you about firemen appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, Ellen, after rescuing a dog who crashed through the ice in a Massachusetts river. Now, we hear of another rescue, and judging by the photos, it was heavy stuff.

It happened on Sunday in St. Louis. A Doberman Pinscher named Diablo had been chasing geese, because that’s the funnest thing in the world. Trouble was, he was chasing them while on top of a frozen-over lake. You know the rest: The ice gave way, and Diablo plunged into freezing water, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Then, the endless dog paddle began, as Diablo circled around, trying and failing to climb out of the ice, while onlookers called 911. Thirty minutes later — imagine being in below-zero water without a wetsuit for 30 minutes — firefighters arrived, and photographer J.B. Forbes captured the remarkable rescue.

First, St. Louis firefighters Stan Baynes and Demetris Alfred climbed into ice suits and grabbed a ladder and rope. Then they went to work, plunging into the water. They said the dog was close to death when they got to him.

“He was almost done,” said Alfred.

“He kept rolling over and submerging,” said Baynes.

Here are some of the remarkable photos by J.B. Forbes:

Once Diablo was safe on shore, Diablo’s owner, Jason Newsome, wrapped him in a blanket and immediately headed to the vet. The dog is said to be okay.

Here’s to you, St. Louis firefighters.

See the rest of the J.B. Forbes’ photos at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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