10 Dogs, Proud of Who They Are

In these photos, dogs celebrate what makes them different and wonderful.


Related to wolves, the domestic dog is a most diverse land mammal. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs, selectively bred to fulfill specific tasks, perform certain work, or possess a distinct appearance. But whether big or small, fluffy or smooth, longhaired, shorthaired, brown, white, or black, all dogs are awesome. And what makes them even more awesome is their capacity for love no matter who we are or what we look like. We can learn a lot from dogs about the power and value of acceptance — whether it’s acceptance of ourselves or acceptance of others.

Here are 10 dogs who are proud of who they are. They don’t see their differences or the differences of others — all they see is love and an unbridled enthusiasm for life.

The attentive gaze of an adoring dog doesn’t focus on what you look like (although the looks do become particularly adoring when you’re holding a treat).

Even the smallest of dogs can do the greatest of tasks.

What’s so awesome about America? We’re a country of different points of view, histories, and cultures, all coming together.

Beauty comes in all shapes.

And all sizes.

And all colors.

Dogs don’t judge you for your appearance — all they care about is if you have the courage to be kind.

Dogs always look forward to the future with hope.

Living in the moment.

And without regrets.

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