Ozzy the Dog Shows Off His Mad Tightrope Skills

Ozzy balances on a tightrope like a circus star -- or, well, a cat.


Cats think they’ve got the market cornered on amazing balancing acts, but Ozzy, a Collie-Kelpie mix, is about to give all kitties something to think about the next time they’re looking down their noses at us from the top of a dresser or wall or other narrow ledge.

Ozzy, who is about four years old, shares a close bond of trust with his human, Nick. Nick builds on Ozzy’s natural affinities, and trains him to perform awesome tricks. As a Welsh Border Collie and Australian Kelpie mutt, Ozzy’s keen intelligence and exuberance means that if he’s not constantly engaged and challenged, he might be a problem dog. Lucky for Ozzy, his human and best friend, Nick, keeps his mind in constant action by training Ozzy to do all sorts of neat tricks on command.

Among Ozzy’s tricks — and in defiance of what we’ve come to expect from dogs — is his balancing act. Under the careful guidance and spotting of Nick, Ozzy is able to climb up on a rope and balance on his hind paws — almost as well as a cat can!

After defying gravity and cats everywhere, Ozzy is rewarded with his favorite toy: his Frisbee. From the way Nick understands Ozzy and the way Ozzy is so happy to please Nick, you can see that these two have a deep, special bond.

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