Food Trucks for Dogs Are Headed Your Way

Trucks catering to canines are popping up nationwide, offerring drool-worthy treats and toys.


Phydough, kibble kabobs, bowser biscuits: Do any of these items sound appetizing to you? No? Well, your dog might drool, as all of these goodies are made with canines in mind. Beyond the barking-good meal appeal, these delectables come delivered — well, sort of.

You know the food trucks that park outside businesses and offices so the lunch crowd has easy access to cuisine? This concept has expanded to dogs; perhaps you and your pooch have dined on the delicacies offered by local eateries, bakers on wheels, or even the bigger brand names serving doggie style treats and meals throughout the nation.

Meals on wheels has taken on a whole new meaning.

Fido to Go is Donna Santucci’s mobile food truck for pets featuring Fi-Yo doggie frozen yogurts and Midwest-sourced natural treats and chews for both cats and dogs.

Fido to Go made its debut at the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago’s “Bark In the Park” in 2011, and has been rolling along strong ever since. Santucci makes cookies, frozen yogurts, dog candy, and donuts. The ingredients are organic, natural, gluten- and sugar-free, and don’t have preservatives and additives. They’re made right in Chicago.

Our focus is on healthy, allergen-free treats and creating the truck experience fun for the pet and their parents,” Santucci says. “Our dried products are all from Midwest farm and locally dried in Illinois.” She boasts Fido to Go as the first original treat truck in the nation; they are looking forward to having many of their Fido to Go trucks in many cities.

Angela Meyers established Frosty Pooch Ice Cream truck for dogs in May of 2011. The idea came to Meyers when she and her husband stopped for ice cream while at the beach. As their German Shepherds, Nikita and Cabo, started longingly for some of their ice cream, a lightbulb moment occurred; why not an ice cream truck for dogs? In addition to ice cream, the Frosty Pooch truck serves bones, cookies, Frisbees, balls, along with free water and waste bags.

“We go to all kinds of events,” Meyers shares. “But when we are not at an event, we drive around Hoboken, New Jersey, to all the different dog parks.” Meyers is also thinking about franchising her business across the country, beginning in New York. Fans can follow the truck and their pooch pit stops via the website.

Bigger brands have hopped aboard the food trucks as well. Over the summer of 2012, the Pet Cafe, a food truck sponsored by Hill’s Pet Nutrition, toured the country to help promote a new brand offered by the company.

Chef Michael’s, a brand of Nestle’ Purina PetCare, launched a national sweepstakes in 2012 to support building a dog-friendly food-truck community. In a survey conducted by the company, 48 percent of respondents revealed they would likely take their dog to lunch or dinner at a food truck that provided food for their dogs if they had access to one in their neighborhood.

Would you visit a food or treat truck if you had access to one? Bark at me below!

1 thought on “Food Trucks for Dogs Are Headed Your Way”

  1. I would LOVE to do a dog food truck. Thistle N Stirling’s Biscuits N Brews!
    Am near Charlotte, NC. I do all natural, healthy, simple recipe dog biscuits, dog training treats and dog beer (non-alcoholic, no hops).

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