This Bonehead Dumped His Dog at a Shelter and Ran — Twice!

His dog ran after him each time, but now he's missing and our bonehead doesn't care.


Sometimes here at Bonehead HQ we get a bonehead who whose actions toward a dog truly baffle us. Colorado resident Daniel Sohn is one of those people. For his contributions to the harm of a dog he adopted and promised to treat well, he’s been cited for animal cruelty and neglect, according to Denver Animal Control. He’s due in court July 2.

This is what authorities believe he did. Buckle up. A week ago, Sohn took his dog back to the shelter he got him from in October of last year, because he wanted to give the dog back. Nothing wrong with that. Sometimes dogs don’t work out. But there is something wrong with Sohn, because when he was presented with the paperwork he had to complete in order to surrender his dog, he turned heel and ran out of the building.

His dog, named Bronson, ran after him.

Later, he said to 7NEWS reporter Molly Hendrickson, “Well, I didn’t ditch him. I actually dropped my dog off at the shelter where I did pick him up at. I actually gave my dog a choice if he wanted to be with me or possibly find an owner he might feel better with.”

Come again? Forget about it — let’s go back to the scene, with Sohn running out of the shelter with his dog running after him. Sohn got in his car and took off. His dog followed, running after the car. Here’s what that looked like, thanks to a someone who snapped a picture of the heartbreaking scene:

Next, witnesses say Sohn hit his dog with his car. This is what he said later about the incident to 7NEWS: “I didn’t accidentally hit him. He jumped in front of my car but I felt he was triggered to do so as if, like, he was a mechanism of the surrounding people.”

Got that? His dog was a mechanism of the surrounding people. It’s gets even weirder. After he let the dog back in his car, he returned to the shelter for the second time to drop off the dog, but again he bolted out before filling out the paperwork.

And again, his dog ran after him.

So, what ultimately happened to Bronson? Sohn told 7NEWS that he drove to Los Angeles with the dog — Sohn lives in Colorado, remember — and the dog jumped out of the car at a gas station in Beverly Hills.

Where he vanished. Bronson disappeared into the streets and has not been found.

Talking to 7NEWS, Sohn appeared blithely unconcerned about the fate of his dog.

“He’s a stray and some dogs just stray, and he’s probably onto the next owner,” he said. “Is he still alive? I’m sure he is.”

Sohn is due in court July 2, and officials are asking people who might know the the location of the dog to call Denver Animal Control at (720) 337-1800. Let’s hope Bronson is found, and that those charges of animal cruelty and neglect stick.


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