Meet Captain, an Abandoned Bulldog With Severe Mange Who Needs a Forever Home

Thanks to Recycled Pets NorCal, the big lad is recovering nicely and will be up for adoption.


We’ve talked about the dreaded skin condition mange in the past — the causes and treatments, and whether it’s contagious from dogs to humans. We’ve even written about some rescues with severe cases, like Bethany and this mother along with all her puppies.

But nothing prepared us for this Olde English Bulldogge called Captain, who was found as a stray and ended up a shelter in Madera, California. His mange is so bad he’s basically scars.

And that shelter is where it could have ended for Captain, if not for Recycled Pets NorCal. The rescue pulled the 64-pound dog, saving his life, and has been bringing him back to health, chronicling his recovery with photos on its Facebook page.

“Captain has SEVERE demodex,” writes the group on Captain’s fundraising page. “It is clear this has been a problem for quite some time as his skin just oozes with blood and pus and he doesn’t seem to notice it. He has almost no hair but scars everywhere.”

Captain received treatment for his mange at Blue Ravine Animal Hospital.

“It will take some time for his skin to get better, then we will do bloodwork, get his teeth cleaned and neuter him,” continues the text on the YouCaring page. “Until then he is on a super high dosage of antibiotics because the bacterial infection all over his body. He is on Ivomec, super high-quality kibble, vitamins and probiotics, plus he is getting medicated baths. Luckily, I am an expert in skin care and I hope this guy heals up fast!”

Once Captain is better, he’ll be available for adoption in the Sacramento area, according to his Facebook page. Fortunately, he’s adjusting nicely to life in a loving home, complete with a Bulldog buddy to spend his time with.

Check out Captain’s Facebook page, Recycled Pets NorCal’s Facebook page, and Captain’s fundrasing page on

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