Do Your Dogs Bring You Unwanted Gifts?

Mine love giving me my shoes covered in slobber. It's not a rat on the porch, but it's still gross.


I’ve learned through the years that there are big differences between dogs and cats. Dogs will typically bark and chase anything that moves. Cats will typically run the other way — or look at the moving object and then continue their naps. Cats really can’t be bothered and don’t seem to care about the commotion going on. Dogs will also come to you when their name is called. That is, unless they’re being stubborn or are distracted by more interesting things. I only have one cat that will come running when I call for him. The others look at me from a distance and stand their ground, unless, of course, I have food or treats for them.

However, both dogs and cats do have one thing in common. They love to bring you unwanted gifts.

The gifts my dogs bring are often much different than the ones my cats provide. My cats seem to feel it is quite an honor that they have laid at my literal feet the remains of a mole, bird, chipmunk, or squirrel. Definitely unwanted gifts, from my point of view.

I can only recall one time when my dogs presented me with a critter. It was a baby bunny that was found under the back deck. Before I could reach for the bunny, one of my dogs, who will go nameless to protect his integrity, grabbed the bunny in his mouth and began shaking it. On this occasion, he thought we were just playing a game. He hadn’t planned on killing the bunny and he certainly didn’t present it to me by laying the bunny at my feet.

My dogs tend to present me with material items as gifts. It is not uncommon for them to take one of my shoes that I mistakingly left out under the living room coffee table. I reach for the pair of shoes and presto, one is missing. So, the search begins for the missing shoe. I have learned not to start the search by visiting every room in the house. No, my first step is to see which dog is missing from view. There you will find the culprit.

From there, I can usually narrow down which area of the house the shoe will likely reside. Each of the dogs has their favorite locations where they like to display their freshly confiscated items. For Kramer, it’s usually in his large doggy bed or on our bed in the master bedroom. The latter is a great place for him since his little sister, Dusty, can’t jump that high.

For Dusty, the object is usually hiding under a chair or under the cushion. Often, it will be lying on the cushion like Cinderella’s glass slipper. Unfortunately, there usually are no happy endings for me once I find the shoe. Though they are good about not destroying the shoe, and it usually is intact with the shoelace still inside, it will likely be thoroughly mouthed and slobbered on. They make sure that the shoe, lace and insert have been officially graced with the right amount of puppy love, better known as slobber.

To go along with the shoes, you have to have a pair of socks. If the socks are left in the shoes, both have been carted away to a favorite presentation spot. Usually, you can find one soaking wet sock on the landing of the main staircase, and the other at the very top step. They are so drenched after the mauling that you have to lightly pick them up with your index finger and thumb only. Otherwise, your entire hand will feel like you just picked up a pile of soggy paper or a giant spitball. All of this slobber comes from two little Schnauzers. Can you imagine if I had Saint Bernards?

So, I’m thankful that my dogs usually don’t harm any other animals. However, it would be nice to put on a dry pair of socks and shoes every now and then. I guess I should have paid better attention when my mom told me to put away my stuff when I wasn’t using it. I just didn’t realize that included slightly worn socks and shoes.

Do your dogs leave you unwanted gifts? What kind of strange gifts do they present to you? Share your stories and pictures in the comments!

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