Do Your Dogs Ever Annoy You?

My dogs often display aggravating behavior -- "Do you HAVE to follow me into the bathroom?" -- but I don't love them any less because of it.

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We all love our dogs. But sometimes we don’t love their behavior. Every pup has an annoying habit or two. On most days, these mild irritations make us laugh or sigh wearily. Occasionally, our patience gets tested.

Let’s talk about the annoying things, silly or serious, our dogs do. I’ll start by sharing five such habits of my dogs, Spot and Dolly.

1. They never let me sleep through the night

I’ve written about Spot and Dolly’s restless nature at night before, and it continues to this day. They typically curl up on top of the covers at bedtime. Once I’m fast asleep, one or the other decides that under the blankets would be much cozier. Dolly stares at me, breathing on my face until I wake and lift them. Spot actually headbutts me. On a good night, they coordinate their actions, but that rarely happens.

2. Dolly gives angry kisses

Angie Bailey wrote about angry snuggles over on Catster, and I can relate: Dolly gives angry kisses. This usually happens when I’ve been away for an extended amount of time. I once spent two weeks in England, and her resentful affection when I got home took a layer of skin off my face.

3. Spot refuses to get out of the car at home

Both of my dogs love to go for rides, and Dolly follows me out of the car once we return home. Spot, on the other hand, stays put. I usually forget this habit of his and fill my hands with a purse, their leashes, and other items. I must then put everything down to help him out. We’re working on the “come” command, which I hope will make getting everyone and everything from the car to the house less of a hassle.

4. They follow me to the bathroom

Past a certain age, most humans don’t require supervision in the bathroom. Spot and Dolly disagree. They follow me and wait outside, chuffing at the bottom of the door if I dare shut it. I have no idea why. It’s not like I stick close while they go … wait … never mind.

5. Spot shakes while still on my lap

He may weigh only 18 pounds, but Spot shakes with the force of a dog twice his size. I love when he curls up on my lap for a nap, but not so much the shake he does after waking. It’s amazing he doesn’t leave bruises behind. Needless to say, I warn any male visitors if Spot jumps up for a snooze.

I know I could help my dogs break a few of these habits, but I won’t (with the exception of mastering the “come” command). They keep my bed — and lap — warm, and I welcome their kisses, no matter how angry. Spot and Dolly are worth any annoyance.

How about you, readers? What annoying things do your dogs do? Please share in the comments!

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