Dirty Dog Wash Winner

Wow, this was a hard one to choose. We got so many great answers, but in the end we chose Jill Merrick. It was the...


Wow, this was a hard one to choose. We got so many great answers, but in the end we chose Jill Merrick.

It was the thought of washing off all that oil that got to me. After all… dogs, water and oil don’t mix.

Congratulations Jill, bath time just got a little easier thanks to your new HydroSurge Rapid Bath.

Tale one: I came home one day and found my first dog had chewed up four quarts of oil. He kindly did three quarts, one in each section of the basement. The last quart was in the middle of his nice dog bed. When I slid into the room, he was sitting in the middle of it, with his hair all spiked like I’d used gel. It took four baths and ALOT of patience. Finally had to use Lava pumice soap to make a dent in the oil.

Tale two: My other dog – we went to the park after work. He loves the water, so I thought I’d give him a treat and let him charge for the lake. Little did I know that they had drained it of all the water and all that was left was about three feet deep of pond silt . He was covered with the gooey, smelly, sticky goop. The bathroom is upstairs and he refuses to go up there on his own. Put him on a leash and finally coerced him up. But at 110 pounds, all I could do was get the front feet in the tub. After about 20 minutes of wrestling and the bathroom being covered in mud, I gave up and took him to Petsmart. The groomers hosed him off for me…..

A close second was from Michelle, she got some bonus zealies for her effort.

I have one story that contains my two dogs. It happened shortly after Thanksgiving last year. My two dogs (Henry a Black German Shepard and Griffin a Border Terrier) spend the day in my kitchen/sun porch while I am at work. Needless to say this leaves them full access to my kitchen.

My family had left from visiting and I was cleaning up the kitchen and placed an opened bag of flour on the bottom of my backers rack in between my refrigerator and stove. Completely forgetting that I had left it there I left for work come Monday.

Upon my arrival home from work I entered the sun room and noticed that neither of my two dogs greeted me. This was highly unusual and most certainly indicated that they had done something wrong. Then it hit me.

My entire sun room was covered in flour. The walls, the floor, my furniture, the windows and oh yes, my dogs. They gingerly stepped out from the kitchen both covered from head to toe in whie all purpose flour. It was a mess. Both dogs were covered in flour and in certain places it was caked.

My black German Shepard was now white and my Border Terrier was a lighter shade of brown. They apparently tried to eat some of it because the water bowl was bone dry causing the flour on their noses and snouts to cake up. I just stood there in total disbelief of what I was seeing. After collecting myself and trying my best to clean up the sun room I then attempted to give both of them baths. It took two baths per dog to get all the flour off of them.

Thanks to all the Dogsters that took the time to enter, all the answers were great.

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