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There's nothing more nerve-wracking than walking through your door and not knowing if Fido has used the last 8 hours to rearrange the house. If...
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There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than walking through your door and not knowing if Fido has used the last 8 hours to rearrange the house. If you’re like most dog owners, you leave him at home when you go to work. The problem is, when you’re away the doggy gets very bored and finds the need to play, sometimes with your new sofa.

One of the top reasons dogs are brought to shelters are because of anxiety related issues. To correct these issues takes time, patience, and training. Unfortunately, not all dog owners are willing to work on redirecting their dogs’ energy and find it an easier solution to just get rid of the problem, the dog.

But don’t despair, I came across a good article on Paw Talk, a blog that deals with those that have claws and paws. The article ‘Home Alone’ by Lisa Woody, who owns FunStuffForDogs, offers some helpful advice to get this behavior under control.

1. Take your dog on a morning walk.
A brisk walk not only provides a workout, but physical activity is an outlet for stress. And, along with the physical stimulation, there’s plenty of mental stimulation, too. A walk provides a dog with plenty of things to look at and sniff. This often results in a dog who’s ready for a nap when he gets home. Plus, it’s good for you, too.

2. Give your dog something constructive to do.
Instead of letting the dog decide what she’ll chew up each day, give her an approved toy to work on, Hard plastic treat-dispensing toys, Kong toys and even femur bones filled with peanut butter or spray cheese, Cheerios, carrots or kibble can keep a dog occupied for hours. And most of them are dishwasher safe.

3. Re-introduce the crate.
After a vigorous walk in the morning, put your dog in a crate with a chew toy that will keep her busy for hours. She’ll likely work on that for a while, then nap until you come home. When you come home, take her out of the crate and go straight outside with her. Throw a ball or frisbee to let her get the kinks out. This daily routine can give you a mentally balanced, de-stressed dog, and can save your cabinets and shoes!

Run on over to Paw Talk to read all the helpful tips.

*Butter hoping mom appreciates what he’s done with the place.

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