My Dog Has a New Boyfriend, and She Didn’t Even Have to Join OKCupid!

His name is Jack, short for Black Jack. He's a German Shepherd Dog, and from the moment my beloved GSD Desiree spotted him across the grassy park lawn, she was smitten.


Lately, I’ve been preoccupied with kissing my gorgeous, wonderful new boyfriend, who has only grown more gorgeous,wonderful, and kissable in the two months since Igot to knowhim. This man has many excellent features, but one of hisvery bestattributes ishis genuine love of dogs.

It’s about time I had me a handsome playmate; my dogs have each other tofool aroundwith all day (and cuddle with all night), and theirexuberant rompings have sometimes, I confess,made me a little jealous.Okay,a lot jealous! Let’s just say that, for the longest time, a wholelot of aerobic fun was being had in my bed, but not by me. I wasn’tgetting any.

Cupcake and Lazarus used to be a seriousitem; when Desiree joined our pack, she and Magnus became a couple. But lately the vibe between Magnus and Cupcake has changed; formerlyjust friends, they’re now joined at the hip, enjoying ruff, safe sex (he’s neutered; she’s spayed) all over my bed. Once they exhaust themselves, I often find them cuddled up together in one crate! This scene is seriously adorable.

Despite Desiree’s attempts to seduce Magnus or, failing that, toentice Lazarus into enjoying similar activities the males in the house arejust not that into her. She’s just …a friend. I worried thatshe felt unfulfilled(or worse, heartbroken) standing by and watching Magnus and Cupcake leap all over each other. She wasn’t getting any, and I could relate.

In my quest to enrich my dogs’ lives, Itry to make every day as interestingas possible for them. Little did I know that life wouldsoon get very interesting indeed forK9 Desiree that she would soon get to experience the same high level of passion that I enjoy with my Mr. Wonderful withher very ownMr. Wonderful on four legs.

She didn’t even have to join OKCupid she met him in the flesh, while out for a walkone fine afternoon.

His name is Jack, short for Black Jack. He’s a German Shepherd Dog, and from the moment my beloved GSD Desiree spotted him across the grassy park lawn, she was smitten. If you were a female dog, you’d find it hard not to be smitten with this gorgeous creature yourself, all 125 pounds of him, topped off by a blocky head witherect ears andcovered from snout to tail ina glossy, jet-blackcoat (hence his name).

As it turned out, the feeling was mutual. Extremely mutual. Jack adores Desiree. It’s as if they’ve been looking for each other all their lives, and can nowquit looking at other dogs. (Perhaps I’mprojecting here; yes, this is precisely how I feel about my guy, and yes, I noticed him first.)

At that magic moment the most charming courtship ritual imaginable began, with Black Jack dragging his owner to the exact spot where he’d first seen Desireeand waiting patiently for her to appear.

Whenever their eyes meet across the street, both dogstest the durability of theirleash clasps to the maxas they strain to reach each other, whimpering and whining. When they finally get close, they make a lovely, affectionatecouple,jumping up to give each other hugs and kisses, her dainty 50-pound frame positively tiny next to his. Jack bows to her and even lies down at her feet.

Ah, requited love!

The only obstacle in this romance is the fact that neither dog is altered. I’ve had every intention of getting Desiree spayed since she joined my family in July, but various health issues got in the way. Now, as we count down to her spay appointment, I haveto cope with the challenge of not lettingher and Jackget too close, lest theybecome tied and Iwind up with the verything that, as a longtimeadvocate of spay-neuter and reducing pet overpopulation, I absolutely refuse to playany part in creating: a litter of unwanted puppies.

This challenge became even more daunting when, the other week, Desiree went into heat. Jack paid extra attention to the ground where she stood, licking droplets of bloodon the sidewalk, then turning his lingual attentions to, ahem,the part of her whence they fell.

So Dogsters, do you think this love will last? Will it survive even after K9 Desiree is spayed, or will Black Jack lose interest? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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