Marvel at These Salsa Dancing Dogs!

This video shows what's bound to be 2014's biggest canine dance craze.


The year has barely begun, but how’s this for a savvy prediction: Dogs dancing to salsa music will be a very big thing in 2014. Don’t believe me? Let a new video called Salsa Dancing Dogs convince you.

The informatively titled flick is simply a fantastically slinky two minutes of various dogs dancing to a salsa song. (“Their paws don’t lie as they dance the salsa,” claims the blurb below the YouTube posting.)

Canine salsa dancing begins with a dog standing up on back legs, wiggling the tummy region, and swinging those paws from side to side. Remember: Quick footwork is a must!

For dogs who are just beginning to salsa dance, a glass door can help assist those wavering early steps.

A cheeky shake of the tush can raunch-up your routine.

Oftentimes when dogs dance to salsa, they like to dress up in their best party frocks. This Labrador here has coordinated the dance outfit with a human partner — and also goes on to pull off a very fancy advanced twirling move.

This dog has chaneled her inner Carrie Bradshaw with a pink tutu get-up.

Sticking out a tongue is the canine equivalent of a coy wink on the dance floor.

Most wonderfully, there seems to be no bigger point to the idea of dogs dancing salsa than, well, dogs dancing. Enjoy the smooth salsa moves in the video below!

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