10 Pit Bulls Who Defy the Stereotypes — With Cuteness!

Here are pictures of 10 Pit Bulls being utterly adorable, smashing preconceptions along the way.


Pit Bulls get a bad rap. Often used for dogfighting, the breed has been unfairly painted as aggressive, violent, and dangerous. Owners of Pit Bulls face discrimination, from being unable to get insurance to being denied housing. I’m not going to sway in the complete opposite direction and say that Pit Bulls are “nanny dogs,” because I don’t think any dog should be left unattended with a small child and because I think every dog is capable of aggression and I think all dogs need to be treated with a certain level of reverence and respect — Pit Bulls, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, Australian Shepherds, Saint Bernards

However, I will say that the stereotypes surrounding Pit Bulls are unjust, and that dismissing an entire breed based on a handful of myths is more a reflection of the inadequacy of people to check their prejudices, and I’ve observed that a lot of stereotyping around Pit Bulls reveals a greater, more profound racism among people. So here is my stake in the anti-prejudice battle.

Here are 10 Pit Bulls looking adorable and utterly defying stereotypes of aggression and violence:

1. How did everyone become ants?

2. Just snoozing in front of the fireplace …

3. I’m adorable and I know it!

4. Do these wrinkles make me look old?

5. Letting sleeping dogs — and cats! — lie

6. Oh, just being adorable …

7. Did someone say, “Treat?!”

8. I smell … poop!

9. Please don’t post this on Facebook …

10. Yeah, I’m not going anywhere today!

Let’s see your Pit Bulls in the comments!

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