Pictures of the Best-Dressed Dogs of Oktoberfest 2014

Here's a photo roundup including sausages, beer, Dachshunds, and other dog breeds.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Oct 9th 2014

How did you celebrate the German holiday of Oktoberfest this past weekend? With beer and sausages (and then more beer and further sausages), of course. As did these proud pooches — who donned their lederhosen in honor of Oktoberfest. Cheers!

“Guten tag! My name is Hans,” reads the caption to this dapper bratwurst fiend. The red-checked neckerchief keeps the look warm and welcoming.

Alternatively, a blue-checked neckerchief tells people that when it comes to reaching the sausage smorgasbord, you’re all about your business and no one is going to stand in your way.

A modern twist on the Oktoberfest-friendly form of the Dachshund. A connoisseur might want to add a strip of ketchup to the costume.

Extreme Oktoberfest makeover alert!

Blurring the gender boundary lines was a big trend this Oktoberfest. Remember, in a world of overflowing sausages and beer, we are all the same.

Finally, keep in mind that any sausage dog can be an Oktoberfest dog. Here’s Bobby Sausage, a darling Dachshund who just adores his foodstuff-styled body shape.

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