After Looking at These Photos I Want a Dog and a Baby, Please!

A Russian photographer captures the ethereal beauty of the bond between her sons and dogs.


Okay, you know that thing where you’re in a new relationship and everything is all hearts and stars and flowers, and even though you just turned 29 (okay, it’s really not that old, but this is as long as I’ve lived), you’re suddenly transformed into a teenage girl? And how in your head you say to yourself your name with your new relationship person’s last name? That’s sort of happening to me. Sure, it’s still a new thing, and I don’t know how long it’s going to last, and part of dating as an adult is gaining all this wisdom, but still — I harbor (cautious) daydream fantasies about the future. Because it’s fun.

And then I saw these photos, and my head blossomed with all these romantic images, and I had to stop myself from texting my person, “LET’S GET MARRIED AND GET A DOG AND MAKE BABIES PRONTO, COMPRENDES?”

Fortunately, I don’t actually have to do that because photographer Elena Shumilova already has. She has two sons and a menagerie of critters on her farm in Russia, and she’s beautifully captured them with her Canon 5D Mark II (a very good camera — I have one of my own). Rural Russia serves as a perfect backdrop to these images of fairytale bonding between the free, uninhibited spirit of youth and the free, uninhibited spirit of animals. The muted natural lighting and elemental effects lend an aura of magic and nostalgia.

Check them out — they’re gorgeous.

See more of Shumilova’s work — including captures of her sons and some cats — here.

And don’t worry, I am getting neither married, a dog, nor a baby anytime soon.

Via BoredPanda

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