Let This Video Be a Warning: Prepare for Corgi Chaos

Nature's deadliest storm might not be this pack of 10 Corgi puppies, but it could be the cutest.


If you live in California, you have an earthquake kit stashed away in your garage just in case the Big One hits. (You do, don’t you?) If you live in Texas, you have a basement to protect you from twisters. If you live in Florida, you know what to do when the weather forecasts a hurricane. Nature is a beast sometimes, and all we can do is try to be prepared.

But what do you do when faced with one of nature’s biggest forces? What do you do when you hear the scritch-scratch of 10 sets of puppy nails racing down the hall on hardwood floors? What do you do when the yip-yap thunders from a distance? Which is to say: What can you do when assaulted by a pack of Corgi cuteness?

The answer? You turn on your camera and indulge in the onslaught of wiggly butts and puppy kisses. Then you post the video to YouTube so the rest of us can pretend we have the pleasure of living with ten Corgi puppies — the Internet’s official favorite dog breed. Their cuteness is stunning … so stunning, in fact, that the camera person in this video is helpless to their attack, as if frozen in place by how adorable the puppies are.

So the next time you hear the sound of a pack of puppies, alert your dry cleaners to bring out the big-time lint rollers. You will survive, but you might be dazed by cuteness.

Photo: Puppy Cardigan Welsh Corgi by Shutterstock.com

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