Contest: Win a Fun Pogo Plush Toy

A package arrived the other day and Jake was very excited when he saw that it was a Pogo Plush toy for him to try...


PP BALL L_LR-1A package arrived the other day and Jake was very excited when he saw that it was a Pogo Plush toy for him to try out before this contest. The Pogo Plush combines his love of plush toys with his obsession with squeakies, and it’s big and furry and has a hardy feel to it. It turns out there’s a sturdy rubber cage under the “skin” of the toy, and it protects the free-floating squeaky — kind of like how ribs protect a heart. There is no inner fluff, so even if a dog does perform open heart surgery, it won’t make a mess.

Jake loved his new toy. In fact, he loved it to death. It was no match for his squeaky prey drive, and within X minute(s) and X second(s), he had triumphantly eviscerated the squeaky. (More on the Xs in a moment. I was glad I had a stopwatch handy.) Fortunately there was hardly anything to clean up.

But uh-oh! What happened to the squeaky? I’m usually very careful when he has a squeaky toy. But where did it go? Could he have swallowed it?!

Whew, he was OK! We were just having some fun with our Dogster friends. (Jake was pretty cooperative about playing along, dontcha think?.)

And now for the contest. How many minutes and seconds did it take Jake to pry the squeaky from the toy? (Hint: It took more than one minute.) Write your best guess in a comment. The closest three guesses will each get a Pogo Plush! One entry per person/dog, please. You can enter until noon on Monday, Sept. 20. The winners will be announced Sept. 21. You don’t have to be a registered Dogster to win.

To give you a better idea of how efficient Jake was at removing the squeaky, here’s a photo of him shortly before pulling out his quarry.

Jake and Pogo Plush toy

As you can see, he didn’t shred it to bits. But did getting through the caging take a long time because it was such a focused area? Or did his mouth just chainsaw its way through? Your guess is as good as mine. Oh wait, mine is much better, because I held the stopwatch! Happy guessing!

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