With Furminator’s FUR Dry Towels, Your Dog Can Be a Jedi, Too

We're always reading good things about Furminator's deshedding products in the Dogster and Catster forums. I can't say I've had the opportunity to furminate a...


We’re always reading good things about Furminator’s deshedding products in the Dogster and Catster forums. I can’t say I’ve had the opportunity to furminate a pet myself, since my dog is extremely short-haired, but the small fact that “furminate” is a verb that has penetrated pet owner culture speaks volumes.

These days, the Furminator folks are trying their hand at products that aren’t necessarily shedding focused (though still fur-centric), the latest of which are the FUR Dry towels modeled by Dogsters Oscar and Jasper above.

This is the canine equivalent of the human bath towel wrap, and is meant to be slipped around a recently bathed (or sullied) pooch to dry him quickly and comfortably while keeping your carpet and furniture free of wet dog. We mainly like that it makes your pupster look like a mini Jedi.

Does your dog do that post-bath dance that includes rubbing his entire body against the couch, carpet, and bedspread? Yeah, mine too. It’s the funniest thing in the world — until you crawl into bed and find that confounded wet spot!

Anyway, we gave the FUR Dry towels a whirl — courtesy of Oscar the Miniature Schnauzer and Jasper the Boxer’s human parents — and the product got rave reviews all around. We even found an alternate use for it at the office: inhibiting Gigi, one of our office pups, from scratching a swelling bite on her tummy.

The medium and large wraps fit perfectly, and both dogs appeared to be comfortable. Oscar and Jasper’s parents report that the towels absorbed a surprising amount of bathwater but weren’t cold and wet when removed. Not bad at all! The only flaw we found was that the design includes a circular cut-out at the end for pups with tails — this was a little odd for dogs with stubs for tails, but we imagine it’ll be just fine on dogs with the proper hardware.

Contest Time!

Here’s a chance to give these FUR Dry towels a try yourself: Furminator is giving three Dogster readers the chance to win one.

To enter, leave a comment telling us an amusing bathtime story and be sure to mention what size of towel your dog would like. These babies come in puppy, small, medium, large, and giant. (For sizing, see this page.) We’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, Oct. 26.

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