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Starting today we have enabled letting people use Facebook Connect to create new accounts and also let people with existing accounts that are also use...


Starting today we have enabled letting people use Facebook Connect to create new accounts and also let people with existing accounts that are also use Facebook to connect those two accounts.

Why This is Helpful if You Already have a Dogster Account?
If you are already a happy Dogster member and if you are also a happy user of Facebook there are some very nice benefits. Each time you add a new pet or post a new diary entry you can optionally have that item posted directly to your Facebook Wall. In the future we will be adding many more items you can push to Facebook such as photos, comment and forums, etc. We’ll leave it up to you if you want to post items. Also in the near future we’ll make it easy to see who on Facebook you are already friends with on Dogster and vice versa!

Why This is Helpful if You Do Not Already Have a Dogster Account?
Becuase it’s the fastest, safest way to make an account. Facebook let us know you are who you say you are and we can create your account in half the number of steps and about 1/3rd the time.

Here are some more answers to common questions

Help! I made a new account using Facebook Connect and my pets aren’t in it.
It sounds like Facebook Connect created you a new account. Did you get an email welcoming you to your new account? When you go to My Account do you not see your pet(s) and is the email in your human profile different than what you normal use? If so, and if you do not want this new account, this is not a problem. Simply go to My Account, then ‘modify’ your Facebook settings. Click the link under ‘Permanently disconnect Facebook.’ Once that is done follow the directions below about how to associate an existing Dogster account with Facebook.

How to Associate an Existing Dogster Account with Facebook.
This is easy. login to our site as you normally would. Once logged in go to My Account and click the Facebook button where it says ‘Activate 1-click log in’. Follow the directions and your accounts will be connected.

How Do I Know if I’m Logged in Regularly, or if my Login is Connected to Facebook
If you are logged in with just a Dogster account you will see your email in the upper left corner, below out logo. If you are logged in and also connected to Facebook you’ll see a small ‘f’ and your first name as you have it on Facebook

Was Does it Mean to Give Permission to Post to Facebook.
It means that when there’s an option to share something you’ve done on Dogster we’ll prompt you and ask you if you want to share it with your friends on Facebook. If you do it will show up on your Wall and your Newsfeed with links back to what you just created on Dogster. The one exception is when you add a new pet. Here we do not prompt you as we automatically post that info to your Facebook account.

Can I Change My Posting Permissions for Facebook After I Set Them
Yes, just go to My Account, and ‘modify’ your Facebook settings. From there you will see links and directions on how to disallow posting and allow posting. It’s entirely your decision to control at all times.

Help? I connected My Dogster Account with Facebook, but When I’m Logged in My Items Don’t Post to Facebook and I Don’t See the ‘f’ in the Upper Left, I see my Email.
If you always want your Dogster login to be Facebook Connected the easiest way to ensure that is to not use your traditional email and password to login. As long as you’ve connected your account from that point on just click a Facebook connect button and then we’ll log you into both.

When I’m Facebook Connected and I Write a Diary Entry I Don’t Get Prompted to Post to My Wall
Are you using Internet Explorer? There’s a problem and they don’t submit, we’re working on. We’re very sorry. If you’re using a different browser let us know.

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