Colorado Sears Manager Rudely Evicts Wheelchair-bound Woman and Her Service Dog

I just found this on Sharon's Blogs. Too bad we don't know which Sears store that was with the personally inept manager! Sears Manager Makes...


I just found this on Sharon’s Blogs. Too bad we don’t know which Sears store that was with the personally inept manager!

Sears Manager Makes Big Mistake Regarding Service Dogs
Randi Bolton wrote:
Here you go – you have my permission to post:

A very good friend of mine, Paula Scherk, who is disabled and requires the use of a service dog, was asked to leave a Sears store in Colorado yesterday. Paula has been in a wheelchair for over 12 years. I was totally outraged when I talked to her last evening.

The manager of a Sears store demanded that she and her service dog, Rain (he’s the brother of my dog, Ripley), leave the store immediately. When Paula pointed out to him that Rain was her SD and was covered by ADA, the manager became increasingly irate and verbally abusive. This manager did not listen to anything Paula told him. The manager even called her dog vicious – this is not even a word that would come to mind when describing Rain – he is so docile and so well trained (actually was one of the youngest dogs to ever be certified as an SD). Paula, although not required to, provided the manager with a copy of Rain’s SD certification and the ADA regulations. The manager was completely disinterested and continued to demand she leave the store immediately.

Paula has been in these types of situations before and she immediately called the local police. The dispatcher stayed on the phone and recorded most of the confrontation. When the manager saw the police coming, he ran and hid in his office. The police confronted him and the manager was not in the least apologetic! Said that dogs were not allowed in Sears unless they were seeing eye dogs, and especially Rottweilers were not allowed in the store since they are known for their very bad dispositons. Hello! ADA applies to ALL service dogs, regardless of the needs of their person or the breed of dog.

Security and several Sears employees tried to reason with this manager before the police arrived – to no avail.

Paula has already contacted her attorney who is investigating the situation. She has many witnesses to the incident. We will be contacting the local media to broadcast this issue.

I am absolutely appalled that this manager was so ignorant about service dogs and the laws covering service dogs. Even when told about ADA regulations by Paula and store security, he continued to harangue Paula and tried to force her to leave. I would love to see a campaign to Sears to get this manager fired. He really should not be in this type of position.

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