Collar Contest Results — And Jake’s Shock at 20 Dogster Entries

Last week as part of our Sirius Republic dog collar contest, we asked readers to tell us which of the two collar models was my...

JakeyGracieLast week as part of our Sirius Republic dog collar contest, we asked readers to tell us which of the two collar models was my dog, Jake, and which was his girlfriend, Gracie. We also left open the possibility that they were the same dog.

To the left are the photos we ran with the story. Out of 114 comments, 97 contained guesses. Of the 97 guesses, here’s how it broke down:

The majority — 42 — surmised that the top dog was Jake, the bottom dog Gracie.

35 figured that the top dog was Gracie, the bottom Jake

20 thought both were the same dog, generally Jake. A few people left comments about Jake’s state of mind/dateless life:

“I think both are Jake. Girlfriend is something he made up in his mind.” — Christine Havens

“I’d say Jake is one lonely dog. Poor, poor Jake.” — Maple and Cheese

“There is no Gracie.” — Augusta

Actually, yes, Augusta, there is a Gracie. Jake heard about these comments and shook his head. “What do they think? Am I not an eligible bachelor? Do they think I have to make believe I have a girlfriend? Do I have bad breath?”

Gracie is 9 years old — one year older than Jake. We saw them licking each other’s snouts once, so they immediately gained the reputation as girlfriend and boyfriend. Jake has not denied this. Gracie is not talking.

As for the 42 who guessed that Jake was the dog in the top photo, that is also an incorrect answer. The collar probably threw you off. I had selected the green flower-power design for Jake because it reflects his noodly, happy-g0-lucky, take-time-to-smell-the-roses (and then do a leg lift on them) personality. I figured he was man enough to carry it off, even though my husband switches that collar for another if Jake is wearing it at walk time. “People will think I’m dressing a boy dog like a girl dog,” he explains. I tell him that is silly, but judging by the votes that pegged Gracie as the model of the flowery collar, maybe he’s onto something.

And then there were 35.

Yes, 35 people saw beyond the stereotypically girl dog attire and had faith that Jake could possibly have a girlfriend who was not a figment of his imagination. We had a random drawing of the 35 who got it right. Before we announce the winner, here is photographic proof that there really are two dogs. Gracie, as you can see by the her name tag, is wearing the red polka-dot collar. And Jake is in the green (which looks black, but is green), going after sticks even though he has a ball in his mouth.

Gracie and Jake

And now, courtesy of, the winner of the Sirius Republic hand-sewn collar: Dahlia. Congratulations, Dahlia! We’ll be in touch to get you your one-inch martingale in the Chief pattern.

Thanks for playing, everyone! This was a fun contest. More contests coming up soon!

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