Chloe the Mini Frenchie Is a Jet-Setting Instagram Star


Are you acquainted with Chloe yet? She’s a tiny French Bulldog who’s become a well-dressed darling of the Instagram scene. She can claim a flock of more than 100,000 fans who follow her account to see pics of her traveling around the world, trying out the latest canine fashions, and pawing it back through her charity work.

Let’s take a trip through Chloe’s world.

Chloe’s story

Image via Instagram.

Chloe’s story begins on the website, where she was one of many pets looking for a home. “I knew I was looking for a smaller French Bulldog,” says Chloe’s human, who prefers to go by that title than share her name, “but there wasn’t much on Chloe’s profile at all. She just had this one very blurry photo!”

So tiny and cute

Image via Instagram.

Chloe’s human wasn’t kidding when she mentioned she was on the lookout for a tiny dog. “She was two pounds,” she recalls of the day she picked her up from the airport. “We were in the cargo area, and they handed me this crate, and I thought it was empty because she was huddled in the back corner.”

“Chloe was so tiny and cute and sweet,” she adds, “and her personality has remained the same to this day. She’s very relaxed and cuddly and loving.”

A Powerball player

Image via Instagram.

Like many of us, Chloe recently played the Powerball lottery in a bid to take home a gargantuan prize. How did it go?

“She lost!” says her human.

But what if Chloe’s lucky numbers had come up? How would she enjoy her winnings? “She’d give a chunk to the Humane Society here in New York,” speculates her human. “We love them and work with them a lot. Beyond that, the rest she’d probably spend on traveling and then buy more clothes.”

Speaking of clothes …

Image via Instagram.

Chloe is a canine who’s into the fashion scene in a major way: “She has one full drawer and one full dresser of just her clothing — she has quite a collection!”

When it comes to her personal sense of style, Chloe is all about maintaining a “classic look, so she wears a lot of leather jackets and cashmere sweaters.”

As for her tips to survive the cold winter season while keeping up a fresh appearance? Her human recommends basing your pooch’s wardrobe around sweaters and jackets. That’s form and function.

A jet-setting pooch

Image via Instagram.

This is one French Bulldog who loves to hop on a plane and check out the world. Her passport includes stamps to London, Paris, Venice, and other cities in Italy and Canada.

“When Chloe flies she’s very relaxed and chill,” says her human. “I don’t think she knows she’s on a plane — she just thinks she’s hanging out.”

The Milan scene

Image via Instagram.

Milan is Chloe’s favorite city. “It’s beautiful, and there’s good food, and it’s very dog-friendly,” says her human. “At every restaurant we went to, they’d give her a little chair to sit in and eat. She’d do very nicely in Milan.”

Charity matters

Image via Instagram.

Beyond Chloe’s fashion-centric, international-traveler image, she makes sure to stay grounded through her charity work. The Humane Society‘s New York chapter is a favorite cause, and she can often be found supporting the organization at adoption events.

Here’s how this pooch puts her stamp on philanthropic matters: “For Chloe’s second birthday party, she designed all these little leather poop bags, and all the proceeds went to the Humane Society as well.”

Scuttle over to Chloe’s Instagram account or Facebook page to keep up with this little pup’s big moves.

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About the author: Phillip Mlynar writes about cats, music, food, and sometimes a mix of all three. He considers himself the world’s foremost expert on rappers’ cats.

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