Chinese Protests Gear Up As Dogs Banned, Murdered

This is from our knowledgeable friends at Britain's K-9 Magazine. Notice at the end of the posts the mention that China is afraid of a...


Chinese Dog Owners Fighting For Their Pets

This is from our knowledgeable friends at Britain’s K-9 Magazine.

Notice at the end of the posts the mention that China is afraid of a public outcry during the upcoming Olympics against their policies to murder to dogs. Is it too much to ask humans to boycott the Olympics in light of China’s governmental policies towards dogs? I don’t think so!

Now I realize that many athletes will feel they have to go because they’ve spent their whole lives training for the Olympics. But what about the rest of us? We DON’T have to go and in effect support the murder of innocent dogs and the suppression of our fellow doglovers! I’m marking China off my lists of planned trips until the government changes its policies on dogs for the better.

Protests in China As Beijing Bans Dogs

Chinese capital Beijing was the scene of protest today (11/11/06) as more than 200 dog lovers voiced their opposition to restrictions on pet dog ownership.

The demonstrators held stuffed toy animals and claimed new laws which limit families in the capital to owning just one small dog were inhumane.

The protestors are equally concerned that a ban on larger breeds will lead to dogs being confiscated and rouitinely destroyed.

In August a mass cull of dogs sparked outrage from animal lovers in south-west China.

The ‘one dog’ policy has been introduced as part of the Chinese government’s efforts to combat rabies.

The campaigners were observed by a heavy police presence and 18 arrests were made.

One protester aired the view that the legislation was unfair:

“We hope the world will support us in stopping the meaningless hurting and killing of dogs,” she said, adding, “the height of a dog doesn’t make them guilty or fierce!”

The growth of the Chinese economy and greater pay for Chinese workers has lead to a boom in dog ownership, which is often viewed as a sign of affluence in the country.

Beijing will host the 2008 Olympics and the Chinese governemnt is keen to ensure the country is not the focus of animal abuse accusations as has been the case in the past.

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